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Robo Calls

Robo calls or automated calls are an effective way to get your message to voters.  Robo calls are a simple and effective tool that can supplement your GOTV programs, absentee voters’ programs, and any targeted mail program.

Robo calls are a great way to remind voters about an upcoming event – coffee, fundraiser, or rally.

With robo calls your latest endorsement can reach voters in minutes.

Additionally, we offer Inbound calls to a toll free number with a direct connect (Patch Thru) to the US Congress or any of the 50 State Legislatures.  The caller simply dials a telephone number, enters a zip code and is transferred.

We offer audio editing and, in most cases, can substantially enhance your audio recording.

We can deliver hundreds of thousands of pre-recorded calls per hour, so let us know how we can help you.

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